The grants awarded by PoDoCo foundation pool are intended for academic research with high industry relevance for post docs who have recently completed their doctor research. The aim is that PoDoCo program offers the first position to young doctor after the doctoral degree. Grants are also available for non-Finnish nationals. PoDoCo program is intended to support strategic renewal of Finnish industry, and PoDoCo undertakings need to have connection to Finland.

There is no limitations regarding the branch of science or branch of industry. Instead PoDoCo program is aimed for all branch of industries and all disciplines, e.g. natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities (OECD, Field Of Science And Technology Classification).

The grant is to be used to pursue the plan set out in the application. The grant-funded work may begin only after the grant decision has been made. The tax exemption nevertheless applies only to grantee. The working grant is intended for full-time work and requires leave from regular salaried employment. The grantee may not receive salary from the company related to PoDoCo period. The grantee may not have had employment relationship with the company related to PoDoCo period in recent past.

Prerequisites for the grants:

  1. Recently graduated PhD or PhD student graduating during next 6-9 months willing to work in companies
    • The applicants’ doctoral degree was completed no more than four years previously (excluding maternity leave, military service and Non-military service)
    • Doctoral candidates, who have not yet graduated but graduating during next 6-9 months may also apply for a grant. In such cases a statement of expected date of graduation signed by the guiding professor must be enclosed with the application. The grant will not be paid out until after the doctoral degree is completed.
    • o The PoDoCo-project should be started before the following PoDoCo application round decisions are made. (If funding is applied for in the fall, the project must start in May at the latest, and correspondingly, if applying in the spring, the project must start in November at the latest).
  2. Letter of intent (LoI) from the company indicating the interest towards the selected research topic and intent to hire the post doc after the research period for a period of time equivalent to the period of the grant applied.