PoDoCo foundation pool offers 6 to12 months research grants for the research period. The time unit of research grants is one month. In other words, the sum you apply for will depend on the work’s duration, which is typically one year. A one-year research grant is EUR 28 000.

The researchg grant includes the statutory social contributions (approx. 15% of the total grant). In addition, up to EUR 4 000 of common expenses arising from travelling, materials, equipment, workroom rental, and such are considered to be included in the grant sum.

Grants awarded by the PoDoCo pool are subject to statutory insurance, in accordance with the Farmers’ Social Insurance legislation. The insurance is not obligatory for the share of the grant assigned for research expenses. The grant recipients must contact the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela to find out whether they need to take the insurance.

For further information: Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela

Grants awarded by PoDoCo program are tax-exempt up to the amount equivalent to the Finnish state grants for artists (2019 € 20.728,44).

For further information: Tax Administration,Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers’ tax guide, and Council of Finnish Foundations

The participating foundations decide by themselves the number of grants they will award. In addition, the participating foundations decide by themselves how much funding they will allocate to the PoDoCo pool annually.