The declaration of grant application rounds are informed through PoDoCo websites ( Further information about PoDoCo program and the application round is available on PoDoCo website. Apply a grant by filling in the electronic application form and uploading required attachments at PoDoCo website.

The electronic application must be sent within the application period.

The required attachments to the application include:

  1. Abstract
  2. Project plan (max. 5 pages)
  3. Letter of intent
  4. Curriculum vitae and list of publications
  5. Doctoral degree certificate or assurance from guiding professor regarding the graduation (in case of not graduated doctoral candidates)
  6. Possible references

The maximum amount of attachments is 15 pages. The attachments may be written in Finnish, Swedish or English, except for the abstract, which must be written in Finnish or Swedish.


In your application, give a summary of your work plan stating the purpose for which you are applying for a grant, how you intend to execute your plan, and within what time frame. If possible, also state why it is important for you to obtain funding and why you are the right person to conduct this project. The maximum length is 2000 characters. The abstract must be written in either Finnish or Swedish.

Project plan

The project plan states clearly the objective of your work as well as its background and significance, say where you intend to execute the work and how industry is involved. The project and research plan must be concise and compact and it should include both research and targeted research period. The maximum length is 5 pages. Use PoDoCo proposal template!

Doctoral degree certificate

A statement of expected date of graduation ( in a case of doctoral candidates)

Doctoral candidates, who have not yet graduated but graduating next 6-9 months may also apply for a grant. In such cases a statement of expected date of graduation signed by the guiding professor must be enclosed with the application.

Letter of intent

Signed letter of intent (LoI) from the company indicating the interest towards the selected research topic and intent to hire the post doc for a period of time equivalent to the period of the grant applied. Please use PoDoCo LoI template. 


References may be added to the grant application. References are not statutory.


Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare the application. Do not leave it to the last moment!