Cancer Research is boosted by PoDoCo – Orion is in search of effective individual treatments to Breast Cancer

The Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion has found a new way to enhance its high quality oncological research. Doctor Julia Lindqvist has joined Orion to study and develop a new drug molecule and its use especially in individual treatments of breast cancer. Orion and Lindqvist found each other through PoDoCo.

Orion is the globally operating flagship of Finland’s pharmaceutical industry. Orion ambitiously seeks new better treatments, even for the most severe diseases such as various types of cancers. That is why the Principle Research Scientist of oncology at Orion, Anu Moilanen, rejoices over the brand new channel through which to strengthen the broad research activities of the company.

”This has been an entirely positive experience for us! Julia is the first PhD we have found through PoDoCo, this was a brand new opening for us. Now we already have another PoDoCo-PhD in another research project, and we’re already negotiating with a third”, Moilanen tells.

Breast cancer: Great potential for treatment


Julia Lindqvist investigates individual treatments for breast cancer at Orion

Julia Lindqvist examines how cancer drugs work on a molecular level.

”That’s how we will gain a better understanding of which drugs work for whom. With cancer drugs it’s possible to have a better treatment response, if the drugs are combined. An individual combination may be significantly more effective than any single drug”, describes Lindqvist the context of her research.


”We have already found several drug combinations, which seem to work in breast cancer cells”, reveals Lindqvist. She warns about jumping into conclusions. The research has been carried out on a cellular level and there’s still a long way to actually treating patients.

Orion is performing tests with the molecule on Phase 1, which in practice means securing the safety of the new drug before further testing.

Anu Moilanen cautions against excessive excitement. “Only tests with real patients will reveal the actual effect of the drug”.

New research power is effective

For Orion, PoDoCo has meant new good connections to the academic world.

”Julia’s first year with PoDoCo was very effective at the university. Now that she’s here with us the connections to the university have by no means broken down. This is exactly what we have wanted, competent young researchers are a fine addition and strengthen our work. They bring tighter connections to the universities and they’re not as tied to daily routines as we are”, sums up satisfied Moilanen.

”I hope to be able to work with Julia also in the future”, praises Moilanen, who is satisfied with the good work of Lindqvist.