PoDoCo helps to recruit experts

In addition to attracting employees, PoDoCo also helps to build the future of the company. Image: Shutterstock

The Post Docs in Companies program builds the future of a company through expertise.

Labor shortages are a problem for a growing and developing company. The Post Docs in Companies program (PoDoCo) helps companies recruit new skills. In addition to attracting employees, PoDoCo also helps to build the future of the company.

“The backbone of PoDoCo is a two-phase research project based on the expertise of the PhD and the company’s need to develop. The research project lays the foundation for the company’s future products, business, and growth. The goal is that after the end of the project, postdoc will remain in the company to continue this development,” says the PoDoCo program leader Dr. Seppo Tikkanen from DIMECC Ltd.

Already 187 PhDs have supported business renewal through the PoDoCo program, which began in 2015. After fully implemented PoDoCo projects, 90 percent of PhDs have been employed by a partner company.

Chemist Found the Industrial Research of Optics

PhD Ville Nissinen is working as a chemist at Nanocomp, a global forerunner in micro- and nanophotonics design and manufacturing. His leap from a post-doctoral researcher at University of Eastern Finland to the development team of a high-tech company happened through PoDoCo program.

“Working in collaboration with Nanocomp introduced me to the world of industrial research and allowed me to widen my skillset and perspective. Most importantly, the PoDoCo project provided me a chance to prove my skills in the eyes of the collaborating company and, hence, to land a job in the industry,” says Ville Nissinen.

Nanocomp focuses on the manufacturing of micro- and nanophotonics products for consumer electronics, laser sensing and special lighting sectors. The aim of the PoDoCo project was to develop polymer coatings for large-area light guides, which are used, for example, in the lighting of electronic papers (e-papers). The research focused especially on the control of the color balance of light guides. The results are now applied directly to product development of Nanocomp.

“I recommend all high technology companies to consider participating in PoDoCO program. Well planned and executed research project holds the potential to improve company’s competitiveness in the long term and allows the company to get acquainted with a possible future employee. Overall, the risk for the company is very low,” says Nissinen.

Grants to all disciplines

PoDoCo grants have been awarded to all disciplines. Engineering and natural sciences have been the most represented, but companies have also sought out experts in the social sciences and humanities to reform their operations.

Grants worth around one million will be distributed throughout the PoDoCo program in 2021. The funding round takes place twice a year.

“The number of non-technical and non-scientific applications is growing. We hope that the number of social sciences and humanities projects will continue to grow, as future products, services and business concepts are not based solely on technological solutions,” says Seppo Tikkanen.


PoDoCo program:

The next PoDoCo grant application round takes place September 15 – October 31, 2021.

There are no limitations regarding the branch of science or branch of industry.

PoDoCo program is funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Maa- ja vesitekniikan tuki ry, Svenska Kulturfonden, The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS), Finnish Foundation for Technology Promotion, Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation, Foundation for Economic Education, KAUTE Foundation, The Paulo Foundation and Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. The total funding is up to million euros every year, which enables around 35 PoDoCo grants each year.