PoDoCo Spring 2019 application round

Are you:

PoDoCo program may be just right for you!

PoDoCo is a matchmaking program supporting long term competitiveness and strategic renewal of companies and the employment of young doctors in the private sector.


For companies PoDoCo program offers an opportunity to investigate new strategic openings with the help of talented postdocs. The program will help companies to find the most highly-skilled postdocs on the job market.  The program will assist companies by:

For postdocs PoDoCo program offers great opportunity to gain working experience from private sector.

The PoDoCo program has been created to facilitate the matchmaking between talented postdocs and companies to boost the strategic renewal of Finnish industry and to support the employment of postdocs to private sector .  The programme will assist postdocs by:


The duration of PoDoCo period is 1-2 years and it consist of two phases: research period and targeted research period. PoDoCo program is funded by PoDoCo foundation pool and companies participating in the program. PoDoCo foundation pool offers research grants for the research period. After the research period, the company hires the Post doc to deepen the research results and to create company specific insight for a period of time equivalent to the period of the grant period.


All companies operating in Finland and all young doctors are welcome to join the PoDoCo program.


The next PoDoCo application round will take place within 1.3.-15.4.2019. To participate in the application round, you should:

  1. Describe your  research interests by filling in PoDoCo  profile here
    • PoDoCo program makes continuous analysis by scanning the information and offers matching suggestions for both companies and postdocs.
  2. Select a partner with whom to collaborate
  3. Agree on collaboration and sign LoI (Letter of Intent)
  4. Prepare together a project plan (max 5 pages) describing the objectives of the project as well as an explanation of the main activities and expected results foreseen.
  5. The doctor applies a grant by filling in the electronic application form and uploading required attachments at PoDoCo website. The electronic application must be sent by April 15th 2019.


Essi Huttu

essi.huttu(at)dimecc.com, Mobile: +358 40 840 9259