Weather forecasts with block accuracy

Maria Filioglou launching a Vaisala radiosonde during a measurement campaign. Photo Mika Komppula

In the city, the weather conditions change from block to block. This is caused by different surface shapes. As the climate and environment change, it becomes more important to understand the local weather conditions. Vaisala Ltd.’s PoDoCo project is implemented in cooperation with the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Maria Filioglou explores in her PoDoCo research the wind forecasts of Helsinki using Vaisala’s new wind radar devices for remote sensing of wind.

– The expected results of the project will provide information for the development of Vaisala Ltd.’s Smart City business concept. The results will give a better understanding of how the meteorological proportions of the urban environment could be best achieved on a block scale. Future citizen services, such as air taxis and drone-transport, need more accurate, safe and efficient operators for accurate weather information, says Tapio Haarlaa, Head of Aviation, Strategy and Business Development at Vaisala.

For Maria Filioglou, PoDoCo cooperation is fulfillment of a long-term dream.

– I have first heard about PoDoCo opportunity back in 2016 when, as a young PhD researcher, I received an e-mail informing about the grant and an upcoming PoDoCo event at University of Eastern Finland. Back then, I thought myself that maybe now it is not the correct moment but someday will be! Three years later, that e-mail was still sitting in my inbox and it was about time to make full use of it, says Filioglou.

She came to study in Finland from Greece.

– Coming from a country that the opportunities given to young researchers to work outside academia are very limited, if not at all, this initiative is very much anticipated from all of us seeking for an opportunity to jump to the industry.

Maria Filioglou chose Vaisala, because she wants to be part of one of the leading companies in the environmental sector.

– Doing science and working with well-established researchers in real-life problems is something that I expect to find in this company. The company has participated in PoDoCo, once, back in 2016 and I couldn’t be more grateful that we have now found a common ground towards the company’s vision to smart cities. Having specialized in remote sensing, Vaisala was the perfect fit for me. It certainly fulfills my ambitions!

Filioglou is looking forward to working with the private sector.

– The industry-relevant experience is somewhat different from what academia requires and I feel more competitive and robust as a candidate with this opportunity.